How do I download an import template?

aACE provides import templates for each module that accepts data imports. Use these templates to prepare your data for import.

Download a Template for a Specific Module

  1. In aACE, navigate to the module you want to import to.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Import <module name> (e.g., Import Contacts). The import dialog appears.
  3. Click Step 1. The template downloads to your desktop and opens in Excel.

Complete the Import

After you download an import template, 2 steps remain. You must populate the spreadsheet and import the data.

Populate the import spreadsheet

You can prepare the spreadsheet in 2 ways:

  1. Copy your data – paste your info into the aACE template. Use this method when your data is still in another software system or when the spreadsheet of your data has columns sequenced different from the template.
  2. Copy the template column names – paste the column titles from the aACE template into your source file. Use this method when your data is already organized to match the template columns.

Read more details on preparing your data for import.

Import the data

Read the full instructions on importing records.


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