Creating Users

To create a new user, follow the steps below:  

  1. If necessary, create and activate a team member record for the new user. 
  2. Navigate to User Groups. From the main menu: System Admin > User Groups.
  3. Locate the user group to which the team member will belong and navigate to the detail view.
  4. Click the Team Members tab located in the center of the screen, then click the  Plus_Teal.png  button at the top of the member's list. This opens the Team Member Selector.


  5. Locate the team member in the list on the left.  Then, click their name to move them to the Selected Member list on the right. When finished, click Save.

  6. The team member now appears in the Team Members list. Be sure the User check box is selected. 

  7. If necessary, modify the Account Name field. The Account Name is the name the user enters to log into aACE.
  8. Notify the team member that they may log into aACE. They should use the account name you've assigned and the default password.
    NOTE:  The user will be prompted to change their password.

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