Controlling system access through the main menu

aACE uses a security model whereby users are assigned to groups and groups are granted privileges. A privilege can be the ability to access a module, or it can be a privilege which allows the user to do such things as view, add or delete records.

Granting Menu Access

To grant navigation access for the aACE menu, system administrators must grant access to user groups. This is done in the Groups module.

  1. Navigate to System Admin > User Groups 
  2. From the Group list, go to the detail screen for the group you wish to work with (below is a sample Management Group screen).


    Screen Details

    The Menu Options Access list displays the available menu options. Refer to the topic on managing menu options for information on customizing the menu.

    The Module Access list provides additional controls for each module. For example, you can provide access to a module so users can view and print, but deny them the ability to add or delete records. 

  3.  Click the checkbox to the left of each menu option. An X indicates it is turned on.
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