2X Client Installations for Windows

 Step 1. Download 2X software 

A. Download and install the appropriate 2X client for your operating system.

B. Open the installer and follow the prompts to install the software onto your hard drive.


Step 2. Configure Connections

A. If it asks to install the Single Sign-On component, click Yes.

B. On clicking Finish it will automatically launch "2X Client".

C. If the following prompt appears, select "Yes".


D. Click on "Connection Properties" icon at the top of the 2X client window.


E. Mimic the settings in the following screenshot.

    • Primary Connection: cloud03.aacebusinesssuite.com
    • Port: 8080
    • Username: Your "firstname.lastname" (ex. "john.smith")
    • Password: The password provided by AGIS. Check 'Save Password'
      Note: This login is separate from your aACE login and is only used during installation and configuration of your 2X client.



 Step 3. Create 2X aACE Shortcut

A. After the 2X Client loads, your aACE launcher should appear.

B. Right-click your aACE Launcher and select "Create Shortcut"



C. Quit the 2X application.

D. To log into aACE, double-click on an aACE launcher icon, either in the 2X client app or via a shortcut.


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