Setting a Static IP - Mac OS

The instructions below outline how to set a static IP address for your FileMaker server on Mac OS. The importance of this guide is that without a static IP, your router may re-assign the IP address of your aACE server, rendering your aACE launcher and anything else pointing to your aACE server obsolete. Note that if you already have an aACE launcher configured and the IP address changes, a new launcher will need to be configured.

  1. From the Apple menu choose “System Preferences”.
  2. Click on “Network” (third section from the top).
  3. On the left side of the network preference pane be sure “Ethernet” is highlighted.
  4. Verify that your computer is set to “Using DCHP” under configure before proceeding. If “Configure IPv4” is already set to “Manual”, you do not need to make any changes and your computer is already setup with a static IP address.
  5. Take note of the following network settings: IP Address, Network Mask, Router, DNS Server, and Search Domains.
  6. Set the “Configure IPv4” pulldown to “Manual." DO NOT click “Apply” yet. 
  7. “Subnet Mask” and “Router” information should remain unchanged. If not, enter the values you noted in Step 5.
  8. IP Address should revert to Choose an unused IP address in your network range. (Note: This will vary depending on your individual network. Consult your network administrator if you are unsure.)  
    • Example: In the network above, DHCP assigned an IP address of We will be changing the last octet (digits between the period) of the address above. In our example we can assume that the IP range DHCP is handing out is between and since each octet only goes up to 255. We will pick a high number so the likelihood of DHCP assigning another computer that same address is less likely. For this example we picked the IP address of (Note: This will vary depending on your individual network. Consult your network administrator if you are unsure.)
  9. Enter the IP address and click “Apply”
  10. You may notice that the “DNS Server” and “Search Domains” fields have become empty. Those will be updated below.
  11. Click on “Advanced,” then Click on the “DNS” tab.
  12. Click the plus [+] to add “DNS Server” and “Search Domains” values you noted in Step 5.
  13. Click “OK” and then click “Apply”.
    Step 13.png

For additional assistance, please contact MC Services at 262-522-6950.

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