Financial Preferences Overview

The Financial Preferences section contains the accounting setup and other preference settings that affect workflows in orders, fulfillment and purchasing.

Navigation from the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences

Order Management Screen

There three important sections in this screen.

Sales Orders

This section controls the order interface(s) available to users. It also contains preference settings for how orders interact with other modules in the system. More in-depth information can be found by following the links for each feature.

Inventory Integration

Auto Invoicing

Auto Shipping

Back Order Management

Purchase Orders 

This section contains preferences related to purchasing, including some automation settings. It also contains validation controls to help keep things in balance. Follow the link below for more information.

Purchasing Automation 


This section allows you to set custom parameters that trigger automatic notifications to management. For more information, follow the link below.

Notification Automation


Fulfillment Screen

This section includes preference setting for job and task management, time costing and inventory costing against jobs.

Job Management

This section helps you control when jobs and tasks are opened, how costs are applied, and when job assignment notices are sent.

Task Management

These preferences control task notifications and opening statuses.

Time Management

This section has a preference to track time entries from call dialogs.

Inventory Entry Section

This section controls assignments of inventory costs to jobs.


Accounting Screen

Accounting Section

These preferences control dates on posted items such as receipts and disbursements. You can also set preferences for managing multi-office cash transactions and general ledgers.

Checks Layout - This drop-down list displays the available templates for check printing.

Signatures - This is an image container that holds the signature file you wish to print on issued checks.

Inventory Section

This is a drop-down list for selecting your COGS method, either FIFO or LIFO.

Cashflow Forecast Section

This section is used for forecasting known inflows and outflow outside of the A/R and A/P flows.

Categories Section

This section allows you select the default accounts for:

Adjustments - This is the adjustment field in the Receipts module.

Shipping - This is the account used to accumulated shipping charges you pay.

Deposits - This is the account you designate as your Deposit Liabilities account for collected down payments.


Accounting Setup

The Accounting Setup screen gives you the ability to designate the default accounts for the following:

Balance Sheet Setup Income Statement
Retained Earnings Accrued Liabilities
Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable
Category Defaults  


Period Management Screen

Period Management allows you to control which accounting periods are open and closed. Closing a period will prevent further transactions from occurring in that time frame. 


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