System Preferences Overview

The System Preferences section holds setup information for aACE Email, NRG shipping integration, and credit card processing. Here, you will also find configurations screens for system schedules, menu controls and database management. 

Navigation from the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences

Email Setup Screen

aACE features the ability to store and file emails. When your staff wishes to store email in aACE, they simply forward, CC or BCC the email box assigned to the aACE server. This screen is used to set up incoming and outgoing email settings. For more information, see the link below.

aACE Email Setup


Courier Setup

This screen hold the settings for NRG integration. NRG is a comprehensive shipping solution for OS X and FileMaker. For more information, click the links below.

Configuring aACE for NRG Integration

Using NRG with aACE Shipping


Credit Card Setup

This screen hold the setting for processing credit cards. Enter the information provided by your service provider and test using the test links. 


Automation Schedules

This screen gives you control over the system processes that run periodically. There are three tabs to this screen.

Schedule Status - This tab lists the system schedules and displays the date and time of their last run. You can run the process manually by click the Run link at the end of the record row.

Schedule Setup - This tab allows you to configure frequency for each process. You can set the days, times and hours for each individually. For more on this topic, click here.

Server Scripts - This tab lists the server scripts available. If you require a system process not listed, contact aACE support for further assistance.


Menu Options

This tab gives you control over the presentation of the main menu. You can build additional navigations and groupings to fit your needs. For more information on menu options, click the links below.

Managing the main menu

Controlling system access with the main menu


Database Management

This screen gives you tools for managing the database. 

Database Mgmt - This section holds tools for editing value lists and gives you the ability to import and export system settings and preferences.

Auto Update Plugins - This section gives you a list of the system plugins and the ability to allow for automatic updates. Check with your system administrator or aACE support before accepting auto-updates.

Downloads - This section holds the aACE Launcher file and the PHP library files. 


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