Setting up Departments

The Departments tab of an office record is where you set up the names of your departments and establish traffic flows for new records.



The code is open for custom input. Keep your entry short but descriptive. For example, NY-A/P would mean New York Office of Accounts Payable.

Department Name

Enter the full name of the department, such as Accounts Payable.


The value list in this field has built-in logic. It determines which records the designated traffic manager (TM) is automatically assigned. They are:

A/P = Accounts Payable - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all purchase orders and purchases.

A/R = Accounts Receivable - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all invoices.

FFMT = Fulfillment - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all job records.

SALES = Sales - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all lead records.

SHIPPING = Shipping - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all shipping records.

Although the records are auto-assigned to the designated TM, users can over-ride the assignment during manual record entry.

Start Time / End Time

Set the hours of operation for the department. These settings affect other system logic that calculates completion times for task and job assignments.

Traffic Manager

This is the person in charge of managing the traffic for a specified department within the related office. Newly created records are automatically assigned to this person (see Type list above).

Default Job

The default job record will automatically become the assigned job for newly created records that fall under the related type. Discuss this concept with your aACE specialist for in-depth details specific to your workflows.

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