Action Buttons

The following action buttons are found at the top of most modules. Below is a sample from Companies.



  • Click the NEW button to create a new record.  
  • Field colorization:  Pink fields are required, gray fields are not editable and white fields are optional. 
  • Dropdown menus:  Some fields contain dropdown menus from which a selection can be made. 
  • Default values:  Some fields may carry default values. In some cases, these values can be over-ridden. 
  • After entering the data, click the Save button at the bottom right. You are then returned to the Detail View of that record you just created. 


  • Click the EDIT button to make revisions to a record. When finished, click the Save button at the bottom right. 


  • From the Record View, click the DELETE button to delete a record.  
  • During the deletion process, the system verifies that:  1) you have the necessary access privilege and,  2) the record has a status level permitting deletion.  
  • Example: “PENDING” invoices may be deleted but “OPEN” invoices cannot.  If you attempt to delete an “OPEN” invoice, the system will display an error message. Otherwise, it will delete the record and return you to the List View or Detail View, depending on the size of your current found set. 
  • WARNING: Once a record is deleted from the system, the record is gone. This action cannot be undone. 


  • The Actions dropdown menu allows you to perform tasks related to the record you are viewing or a list of records if you are in List View. The menu options change relative to the screen view. 


  • Click the Print button to print the current view.  
  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Print button for additional printing options. 

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