Working with volume commissions

Volume commissions give you the ability to structure payout tiers for individual categories. To open the category's volume commission dialog, click the V button next to the Comm field on the category's detail screen. (see below.)


In the example below, you can see there are commission tiers based on the number of items sold at one time. Up to 25 items generates at 10% commission based on margin, more than 26 pays out 15%.

The Volume Commission Setup screen provides sample formats to help you build the structure.  Commission payout types include % of Margin% of Price, and Fixed Amount. See the example below.


To build and activate volume commissions

  1. Open the Volume Commission dialog.
  2. Enter the ranges.
  3. Check the Apply Volume Commission box to activate the payout ranges.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The V button in the General section should appear yellow. This indicates the commission scheme is active.

To deactivate volume commissions

  1. Open the Volume Commissions dialog.
  2. Uncheck Apply Volume Commission.
  3. Click Save. The V button in the General section should appear white. This indicates that the commission scheme is inactive.

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