Commission statements

To generate a commission statement, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Commission module. From the main menu: Accounting > Comm Statements.
  2. From the list view, click New.
  3. Select the sales rep you wish to work with and enter the statement ending date in the Stmt Date field. aACE will search for all orders under the selected sales rep and display a list of the unpaid commission in the Statement Items list. (see sample screen below).

  4. Use the Button_Move_Dollars.png button to move the commission balances to the Paid column or enter the amount by hand.
  5. Enter any adjustments you wish to make to the amount of the payout. For example, you can make a partial  payment and leave the balance for later (see order #s 40016 and 40051). Or you can reduce a payment by entering an adjustment (see order # 40056.)
  6. Click the Calculate button Button_Calculate.png at the bottom right of the screen to view the totals.
  7. When you have finished with your adjustments, click Save. When the dialog message appears, click Post to complete the entry or click Not Yet to leave the entry in pending state.
  8. Once the statement is posted, you can print a report (see below). Additionally, you will need to issue checks in the Disbursements module to pay recipients.

Once the commission statement is generated, you can print a hard copy report if desired. To do so, click Print at the top of the Commission screen (see sample below.) You can also generate a statement report from list view in the same way.


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