Understanding rate cards

Rate Cards

aACE provides a powerful infrastructure for constructing even the most complex pricing models and commission structures. These features help ensure that your pricing controls are used as intended and your payout schedules are accurate.

Default pricing and commission logic is set at the category level. Rate cards, however, allow you to create and save special schemes that can then be linked to specific customers or individual orders.  To learn how to create a rate card, click here.

Rate Cards linked to Companies

This feature allows you to assign special pricing and commission payouts to a specific customer or a group of customers. When a rate card is linked to a customer record, orders are automatically set up to pull pricing and commission payouts from that rate card.

Rate Cards linked to Orders

This feature gives you the flexibility to use special structured pricing and commission payouts as needed for individual orders. By default the order will inherit the rate card set up with the customer, if applicable, but that rate card can be overridden after it's pulled into the order. The rate card is what is used for pricing and commission payouts for the order.

 Below is a sample of a rate card.


Rate types and their rate values

The Rate Card module uses the same logic as that used in the Categories module. The Rate Type and Rate Value fields work together to determine the category pricing shown at the order level. To review the logic for Fixed Price, Fixed Markup, Markup % and Margin % click here.

There are two additional rate types used in rate cards: 

Fixed Discount

Selecting this option will set a fixed dollar discount to all categories in the list. 

Discount %

Selecting this option will set a fixed percentage discount to all categories in the list.

Note: If a category does not belong to a rate card, and the rate card / category combination is added to an order then the pricing and commissions will pull from the default values stored with the category.

Commission types and their values 

Commission structures also work the same as those at the category level. To review information on commissions, click here.

Line item overrides

While rate cards will override a category's default pricing and/or commission structure, each line item in a rate card can have independent pricing and commission. These line item overrides take control of the final pricing and commission at the order level. Use the Default flag (see above) for control. Checking the flag box will force the line item to inherit the rate card structure. If the box is unchecked, you can set special line item overrides.

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