Category pricing and commissions

Category Pricing

Each category will typically have a default price which is set at the category level. Additionally, you can set up simple volume pricing right at the category level. Refer to the topics below for details.

Understanding category rates

Lessons on pricing setup

Working with volume discount pricing

Rate cards for special pricing

For complex pricing schemes, you can use rate cards. Rate cards allow you to set up special pricing structures that can be attached to a single order or to a specific customer. They give you the ability to create "scenario based" pricing that can be used as needed. For more information, refer to the topics below.

Understanding rate cards

How do I create a rate card?

Customer discounts and linked rate cards


Commission payout tiers can be set at the category level and at the rate card level. Refer to the following topics for more details.

Understanding commission structures

Working with volume commissions

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