How do I delete unused GL accounts?

Before you can delete general ledger accounts, you must first deactivate them. You can deactivate all unused accounts at once by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Deactivate the unused GL account records:

  1. Navigate to GL Accounts. Accounting > GL Accounts.
  2. Display all GL account records. Clear all of the quick search fields and then click Search to find all records.
  3. Make sure the list is sorted by Account number in descending. (Click the Account label to sort the list. You may need to click the header more than once.)
    Note: Header accounts cannot be deactivated if they have active detail accounts. Since detail accounts typically have higher account numbers than the parent header account, sorting in descending order will allow aACE to deactivate the detail accounts before attempting to deactivate the respective header account.
  4. From the aACE menu, click Actions > Deactivate GL Accounts in List.
  5. Allow the process to run completely.  When it is finished, your screen will look similar to this:

  6. Deactivated accounts appear in gray. The accounts that remain active appear dark with a green status indicator.

Step 2: Delete the unused GL account records:

  1. Find all inactive GL accounts. In the quick search, click the Status field and select Inactive, then click Search
  2. From the aACE menu bar, click Actions > Delete GL Accounts in List.
  3. A dialog box appears asking you confirm your actions. Type "delete" into the space provided, then click Delete to continue.

  4. aACE deletes the unused records and displays a confirmation dialog when finished.

  5. Click OK to finish.
    Note: aACE will not delete accounts that carry relationships to other records. Refer to the topic on removing GL Account relationships for more information on removing the relationships.  
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