How to remove relationships to GL Accounts

General ledger accounts can have relationships with other aACE records in four ways:

  1. They can be used as setup accounts
  2. They can be linked to tax profiles
  3. They can be linked to categories
  4. They can be linked to general ledger records.

Note: In order to delete a GL account, you must remove all relationships. Each scenario is described below.

1. Setup Accounts

Setup accounts are those used in the aACE Accounting Setup screen. Navigate to the Accounting Setup screen to view the settings. System Admin > aACE Preferences > Accounting Setup.

See the sample screen below.


These accounts are used as defaults for specific accounting transactions. You can remove a reference to a GL account for any of the settings.

WARNING:  Keep in mind that once the reference is removed, various transactions in aACE will fail until the Setup reference field values are re-populated.

2. Tax Profiles

GL accounts are related to tax profiles in the Tax Profiles module. Accounting > Tax Profiles. 

Review the settings for each tax profile listed. Refer to the sample below.




Note: If the tax accounts are applicable to you, we recommend leaving them in aACE. Otherwise, enter Edit mode to remove the link.

3. Categories

 Review the GL account assignments for your categories. Navigate to the Categories module to review the relationships. Project Setup > Categories or Order Setup > Categories.  Refer to the sample screen below.


A GL account relationship is required for each category in aACE. To work around this requirement, you can reassign them all to a holding account that will not conflict with your spreadsheet. You may need to create an account for this purpose. We recommend assigning the categories to a general ledger account that you plan to keep in aACE.

Note: You can reassign the GL accounts for a group of categories using the 'Update Revenue Acct for Categories in List', 'Update Cost Acct for Categories in List', and 'Update Inventory Acct for Categories in List' options in the Actions menu in list view.

4. General Ledger Data

In the general ledger, you can select 'Reassign GL Account for List' from the actions menu to reassign general ledger transactions to holding accounts.

WARNING: Be careful not to end up with general ledger data that you cannot accurately reassign later.

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