Configure aACE for VerticalResponse integration

This guide discusses the procedures for setting up VerticalResponse integration. If you don't have your account already established with VerticalResponse, contact your aACE specialist for assistance. You will need your VerticalResponse login credentials to complete the setup.

 There are two steps in setting up VerticalResponse integration.

  1. Enable the access privilege for all groups needing access to VerticalResponse lists.
  2. Enter the VerticalResponse login credentials in Email section of the aACE System Settings.

Step 1: Enable Access Privileges

All users who will use the VerticalResponse integration must have access to the aACE List module and the CRM Marketing area. Your system administrator will need to grant the access as follows.

  1. Navigate to the User Groups module. From the main menu: System Admin > User Groups.
  2. Select the group you wish to grant access to.
  3. In the detail screen, click the Menu Option Access tab. Find the CRM & Sales section and check the Lists selection. This will enable the list selection on the main menu for the user group.

  4. Next, you must grant access to the CRM Marketing section of the module. To do so, enter Edit mode.  
  5. On the Module Access tab under the Module Access section, scroll until you see the Lists module. Check the CRM Marketing privilege to activate it. If the selection is not available, it must be added. For help in adding the access privilege, follow the instructions here.

  6. Click Save to exit edit mode. 
  7. Repeat this process for all user groups needing access to the integration with VerticalResponse.

    NOTE: Access will be granted at the user's next login. 


Step 2: VerticalResponse Setup

To link aACE with your account at VerticalResponse account, you must add your login credentials under system settings. 

  1. Navigate to the email preferences for aACE. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences.
  2. Under System Preferences, click Email Setup.
  3. Check the CRM Marketing Service check box.
  4. Enter the login credentials that allow access to your VerticalResponse account (i.e. email address and password). You will need to contact VerticalResponse in order to activate your account to use with aACE. Call them at (866)-683-7842 and provide them the referral code "agis".
  5. VR_System_settings.png 
  6. Click Test to verify that aACE can communicate with VerticalResponse and access your account.

  7. If the communication test is successful, you will receive confirmation.


    NOTE: If the communication test is not successful, correct the login credentials and try again. 
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