Configuring aACE to upload contacts to your LDAP server

aACE contacts can instantly appear in your users' email programs or mobile devices with LDAP.  aACE automatically synchronizes all active contacts to your external LDAP server, which become instantly accessible to email programs and mobile devices, (most of which have built-in support LDAP).

LDAP Server

First, you will need an LDAP server, such as a Microsoft Active Directory or Apple Open Directory server.  You can use your own or subscribe to a commercially available LDAP service such as  If you sign up for an account with entic, try to use an account name that's an abbreviated form of your company name, preferably similar to your website domain name (sans the '.com').  Avoid long names as they may be cumbersome to enter into your mobile device.

Configure aACE

To configure aACE for synchronization with LDAP, go to Preferences > Email Setup.  In the LDAP section enter the following information:


Pressing Test will attempt to connect with your LDAP server, create a sample user, and delete it.  This will effectively test whether the LDAP account has the proper privileges to modify the LDAP database.

Press Init to purge all users in the LDAP database.  This function will also prompt whether to begin a new full upload to the LDAP server.  Depending on the number of active contacts you have, it could take a few minutes (under 1000 contacts) to a few hours (10000 and over).

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