Using LDAP with iPhone/iPad

LDAP is supported by most email programs and 'smart' mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.  If your device or program is not listed here, you may need to refer to the product documentation.

Configuring iPhone/iPad

  • Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Tap Add Account..., then Other
  • Under Contacts, Add LDAP Account
  • Enter account information:

Server: [e.g. or account]

User Name: [e.g. cn=First Last (employee ID), ou=people, dc=company,dc=com]

Password: [your password]

Description: [aACE Contacts]

Tap "Next"

IMG_1250.jpg  IMG_1251.jpg

  • Select Add Search Settings…
  • Enter your search base string under Base (for accounts, this is the same as the user name)
  • Description: [aACE Contacts]
  • Select Base, One Level, or Subtree depending on where you want to search (for, select Subtree)
  • The iPhone tries to use SSL by default. If your server doesn’t support this, it will time out and try to connect without

Using LDAP with iPhone/iPad

When creating an email, simply begin to type the recipient's name from your aACE Contacts. The iPhone/iPad will suggest matching entries for you to choose from.

When using the phone or address book, navigate to the list of contacts then click the left-arrow Groups button. Below your internal groups should be the LDAP group aACE Contacts.  Click to enter, then begin typing the person's name you need to look up.

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