Using LDAP with Apple Mail

LDAP is supported by most email programs and 'smart' mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.  If your device or program is not listed here, you may need to refer to the product documentation.

Configuring Apple Mail

  • Go to Mail > Preferences
  • Click on the Composing section
  • Adjacent to Automatically complete addresses, click Configure LDAP.


  • Add a new entry (or edit aACE Contacts if it already exists).
  • Enter account information:


Name: [aACE Contacts]

Server: [e.g. or account]

Port: 389, SSL off (or 636 SSL on)

Search Base: [e.g. cn=First Last (employee ID), ou=people, dc=company,dc=com]

Scope: Select “Base”, “One Level”, or “Subtree” depending on where you want to search (for, select "Subtree")

User Name: [e.g. cn=First Last (employee ID), ou=people, dc=company,dc=com]

Password: [your password]

Description: [aACE Contacts]

  • Click Save


Using LDAP with Mail

When creating an email, simply begin to type the recipient's name from your aACE Contacts.  Mail will suggest matching entries for you to choose from.

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