Using NRG with Shipping Log

 Creating Shipments

  • In the Shipping Log module, create or locate an existing outgoing shipment.
  • On saving a completed Shipping Log record, it will prompt the user whether to transmit the record to NRG for shipment.
  • Alternately, while the Shipping Log record is in a status of PENDING, click the dimmed NRG logo to transmit the record to NRG for shipment.
  • Once the record has been sent to NRG, the NRG logo changes from dimmed to solid and the Shipping Log record status changes to TRANSMITTED.
  • Process the shipment in NRG.

Updating aACE post-shipment

  • aACE will periodically check on the status of the NRG shipment and update the Shipping Log record whether the NRG record has been shipped, voided, or deleted. If shipped, the Shipping Log record populates the Shipping Cost and Courier Tracking fields, then marks the record as SHIPPED, which updates the related order, etc.
  • Alternately, the NRG record can be checked manually by pressing the blue update VR Update button.png button.
  • At any time while the NRG logo is solid (not dimmed), pressing it will navigate to the associated NRG record.
  • After the tracking number has loaded into the Shipping Log record, the field label for Courier Tracking # becomes a link for tracking the shipment via NRG.
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