Credit card integration with XCharge

aACE can process credit cards through a system integration with XCharge Payment Processing. This integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and external credit card terminals. Learn about XCharge here.

NOTE: Credit card numbers are NOT stored in aACE. Instead, aACE stores an alias that is assigned by the credit card processor along with the credit card type, last four digits of the card, the expiration date, and the billing address. 

To set up credit card integration with XCharge, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Credit Card Setup screen in aACE Preferences. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences > Credit Card Setup.

  2. Enter the configuration setup information provided by XCharge and test the settings using the test links.
  3. Click the Test Mode flag to put the system into test mode. This allows you to test the processes in aACE using test card numbers.
  4. Make a selection from the Duplicate Mode drop down.  Duplicate Mode determines whether an error will be returned if the same credit card is charged for the same amount within a 15-minute time period. Select ON to prevent accidental charge duplication.

    :  If Duplicate Mode is on, duplicate charges cannot be processed within a 15-minute timeframe. 
  5. Once testing is complete, uncheck the Test Mode flag in at the top of the screen.

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