How to test credit card integration

 Turn On Test Mode

Before you test credit card transactions, be sure the system is in test mode. From the main menu, navigate to System Preferences > System Admin > aACE Preferences > Credit Card Setup.

Make sure the flag is selected next to Test Mode at the top of the screen.


Enter Test Account Credentials

Each account type has its own set of credentials. See the "Credit Card Test Settings" document attached to this topic. Enter the test credentials and then click the Test link as shown below to verify the account.  A dialog message appears to confirm successful connections.


 Test Credit Card Transaction:

To test credit card payments, first create and open a new order. Then follow the instructions outlined here to process the credit card. Please refer to the "Credit Card Test Settings" document for credit card account numbers that can be used for testing purposes.

To learn how to enter credit card payments at the time of order entry, click here.

To learn how to enter credit card payments from a Receipt record, click here.


aACE can authorize a charge at the time an order is place and then automatically capture the charge based on certain events like shipping. Learn about and test pre-authorizations from the topic listed here.


Test credit and debit card transactions

aACE's credit card integration also allows for debit card transactions. These transactions are handled slightly different in that the cardholder must enter the PIN number at the point of sale, and the card authorization and charge occurs at the same time.

To learn how to enter debit card payments at the time of order entry, click here.

NOTE:  Refunds on debit card transactions must be in the form of cash or check.

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