Overview of Google Contacts integration

aACE+Google Contacts allows your contacts stored in aACE to be shared on mobile devices and mail clients. Using Google Contacts eliminates the need for users to maintain contact information on their own and reduces errors due to un-synced data.

Before proceeding, Google Contacts integration requires a Google Apps for Work account. Please sign up here: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/

Note that if you do not want to transfer your mail server to Google you do not have to; simply create a single user to access shared contacts (e.g. aACE_contacts@yourdomain.com) and have all users use that account. Setting up your Google Apps for Work account may require verifying your domain.

aACE has the ability to populate Google Shared Contacts with the contacts stored in aACE. To use this option several steps have to be completed:

  1. Configure Google for aACE Integration: Using the Google Developers Console a new project and service account must be created. The Google Apps account must be configured to ensure Google Contacts is installed and sharing is enabled.
  2. Configure aACE: aACE must be configured to use the service account credentials and its generated authentication key to access the domain’s Shared Contacts.
  3. Configure devices: Users must configure their mobile devices to enable Shared Contact searches.
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