Overview of Mailgun


aACE+Mailgun by Rackspace allows aACE to send and receive emails. There are a few options for accomplishing this, but Mailgun is the recommended method due to its reliability, its enhanced error capturing, and its ease of setup.

Before proceeding, Mailgun integration requires a Mailgun account. Please sign up here: https://mailgun.com/signup. By signing up for your own account (rather than using a common account managed by aACEsoft) your email communications are siloed and inaccessible to anybody outside your organization, including aACEsoft. You can also take advantage of Mailgun's robust feature set including email trafficking and reporting, improving your overall management of incoming and outgoing emails.

Mailgun is free for sending up to 10,000 emails per month. In the event your organization exceeds that volume a small fee will be incurred. You must upgrade the account to a paid one; aACEsoft will not support the free version. No fees will be incurred until 10,000 emails are sent, but simply upgrading the account brings with it additional features and functionality that increase the reliability of the integration.


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