Configure Mailgun for aACE Integration


  1. Create a sub-domain under your company's primary domain, e.g. Please consult your IT administrator or web host provider to accomplish this.

    • This will route all aACE-related email traffic through a sub-domain of your choosing. Setting up Mailgun to use your primary domain may interfere with your employees' incoming and outgoing emails.
    • Mailgun does NOT need or store any mail server credentials and does NOT interact at all with mail servers.
    • aACE will NOT have access to the web server, including the DNS server, mail server, etc.
    • aACE will ONLY access the sub-domain via Mailgun.

  2. In your Mailgun account, navigate to Domains and "Add New Domain" and enter the sub-domain created in step 1 above.

    • Please use Mailgun's help documentation, as well as your IT administrator or web host provider, to complete this step. DNS records will need to be created for your sub-domain.
    • DNS records must be created for outgoing and incoming email. (Within the Mailgun interface it reads that incoming DNS is optional, but for aACE's email integration it is required.) DNS records for tracking is not required. Information on configuring the DNS can be found in the section called "Domain Verification and DNS". Once DNS records are configured, the status icons should show as green.

  3. Note the Domain (e.g. and the API Key. These will be entered into aACE.


  1. In your Mailgun account, navigate to Routes and Create New Route.
  2. Enter the following information:

    • Priority: 0
    • Filter Expression: catch_all()
    • Actions: store()
    • Description: Store all incoming emails, for retrieval from aACE

  3. We also recommend that you configure an optional forward() action to forward all emails to an external email account that you manage (e.g. This email account will function as a backup. Mailgun only stores 3 days worth of emails; if the automatic process stops for a period of time, emails may be lost without a backup.
  4. This establishes that emails sent to "" will be stored and available to aACE for retrieval.

Public API Key

  1. In the main Mailgun screen, note the Public API Key. This will be entered into aACE and is used for email address validation.
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