Exemptions in AvaTax

When doing business with tax-exempt organizations, aACE can be configured to automatically mark their transactions as exempt. Follow these steps to manage exemptions in aACE+ AvaTax.

To flag an organization as tax-exempt, navigate to the Companies module (CRM & Sales > Companies). Select the organization and navigate to the Finance/Accounting tab, then click Edit. Under Billing Setup, you will see a Tax Exempt checkbox along with a space to enter a Tax Exemption Number and Code.


The No field maps to the Exemption Number field in AvaTax; the Code field maps to the Exemption Reason in AvaTax. Checking Tax Exempt will auto-populate the Exempt flag in all orders and invoices associated with the company record.


Note that if a specific transaction is taxable, the Exempt box can be unchecked manually and any AvaTax-enabled categories will be processed through AvaTax as normal.

At this time, aACE does not have a CertCapture integration. For any questions relating to CertCapture, please contact your Avalara representative.

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