How do I import records?

Before you attempt to import data into any module, be sure to prepare and clean the data.  For details, see How do I prepare a data file for importing?

Note: If you are working in files served by Citrix, click here for important information

Once the data file is in good order, follow the steps in this topic. While we use Companies as an example here, the process is the same in all other modules.

TRY IT:  Attached to this topic is a sample Company list. Use this list to practice a Company Import. You can immediately delete the records afterward.

NOTE:  If you have a large file to import, the process may take a while to complete. DO NOT attempt to stop the process once you pass Step 7.

Importing Records Step-by-Step

  1. Navigate to the module you wish to work with.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Import x (x refers to the type of records you are importing, such as Companies, Contacts, Sales Leads, etc).
  3. When the action dialog appears (as shown below), click Step 3 to start the process.

  4. The Open File screen appears. Select the source file you wish to use and click Open.
  5. The Field Mapping screen appears.

    Here you will map the fields from the source file to the target fields in the destination database.
    If you prepared your source file using the Import Template, continue with the steps below. If you are mapping the fields by hand, click here for more information. 

    a) Make sure Don't Import First Record (contains field names) is checked.

    b) Click the Arrange By: drop-down list and select Matching Names. This will match up the field names in the source file to the target fields in the database.  

    c) Use the record navigator to scroll through the first few records in the import list (optional) to do a visual verification of the intended import mapping.
  6. When you are ready to proceed, click Import.
  7. The Import Options dialog appears. 
    WARNING: This is the last point at which you may cancel the import process. DO NOT attempt to stop the process once you pass this point.

  8. Confirm that the check box is empty next to Perform auto-enter options... and click Import
  9. When the Import Summary dialog appears, click OK.
    aACE will now do a validation check. If no violations are found, aACE will proceed with the import.  
    NOTE: If aACE finds validation errors, you will receive a message stating as much. See the topic on validation errors for more information.
  10. Once the records import, a message appears denoting the number of imported records.
  11. Click OK.
  12. aACE will then ask if you wish to activate the imported records. 

  13. Click Activate if you wish to activate them or click Cancel to leave them pending.  
    The record list will then display the list you imported. 
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