How do I handle import validation errors?

During the import process, aACE prepares the source file by validating each field of every record against any value requirements. If any field in a record fails the validation, aACE will add a note to the end of the record. (You will have the opportunity to terminate the import to review and correct the data.)

Once aACE completes the validation check for all records, a dialog message appears if validation errors have been found.


To halt the import process, click Review.  aACE will then

  1. terminate the import process,
  2. save the source file under a new name (it appends Review to the module name and saves it to your desktop), and
  3. open the file so you can review and correct your data.

Below is a sample of an amended data file showing a validation error column and the noted error:

Important notes:

The review process may be repeated as many times as necessary. We recommend that you save your source file with a new name before each attempted import.  

For example: Companies Import Review1.xls,  Companies Import Review2.xls, and so on.  

Doing this will give you a sequential reference to the modified data file(s) and help prevent overwriting a file by accident.

For information on specific validation logic, refer to the Validation Logic Sheet attached to each module's import instructions. 

Once you have corrected the validation errors, restart the import process from the beginning.

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