Mapping import fields by hand

You can manually map field names between the source file and the destination database during the import process.  When the Import Field Mapping dialog appears, do the following:

  1. Manually map the Target Fields to the Source Fields.
  2. Omit the fields you do not wish to import.

To manually map fields, drag the Target Field to the correct Source field


Use the drag handle (the double-headed arrow next to the Target Field name). Click the drag handle and hold it while you drag the Target Field to the Source Field for the intended field match.  For example, in the sample above, Company Name is mapped to Company. 

Next, verify the intended import action.  The icon shown between the Source Field and the Target Field denotes which action will be taken during the import.  This icon can be changed by clicking the icon. For example, .. between fields indicates that no data will import from the Source to the Target for that field.


The Field Mapping legend below shows which action will be taken during import based on the icon shown between the source field and the destination field. 


Be sure to map the entire list of data fields before you continue with the import process.

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