How do I import GL Accounts?

aACE comes with a default Chart of Accounts.  You can, however, create your own Chart of Accounts by adding new accounts by hand, by editing the default list, or by importing a new list. If you wish to import a new Chart of Accounts, follow the instructions below carefully. 


Step 1: Preparing the Data for Import

To import your own Chart of Accounts, the first thing you will need is an aACE compatible spreadsheet populated with the general ledger accounts you wish to import.

Note: If you are working in files served by Citrix, click here for important information

Start by downloading an aACE compatible template from the General Ledger module.

  1. Navigate to the General Ledger Accounts screen. Accounting > GL Accounts.
  2. Follow the instructions here for downloading the template.  When you are finished downloading the template, return to this page and continue.
  3. Populate the template with your own Chart of Accounts.  See the sample below.


Step 2: Preparing aACE for the Import

The goal of this step of the process is to get the list of accounts in aACE to match corresponding accounts in your spreadsheet.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to first delete the unused accounts in aACE.

Review information about the types of relationships GL accounts can carry, then follow the instructions for deleting unused GL accounts.

When you are finished, return here to continue to Step 3.

Step 3: Update the remaining GL Accounts in aACE

Once you have deleted the unnecessary GL Accounts in aACE, synchronize the remaining aACE accounts with the corresponding accounts in your spreadsheet. This may include updating their account numbers, names, and the header/detail relationships. Do a final review of your spreadsheet for accounts already listed in aACE and remove any duplicates from your spreadsheet. When finished, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Import your spreadsheet.

Follow the normal import process.
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