Locating the shared folder for 2X served files

To import and export files in aACE served by 2X, you must share a folder on your local drive. Click here for more details.

To navigate to the shared folder during aACE exports and imports, follow the screenshots below.

  1. Click the Look In drop-down and select Computer.


  2. Select the Local Disk and click Open.


  3. Select the Desktop and click Open.


  4. When exporting, you will name your file. In our example, we named it CompaniesTemplate. You must also select Excel as the file type.
    SPECIAL NOTE:  When saving the file, Filemaker may append a .tab file extention to the exported file instead of the proper .xls file extension. This is a known issue with Filemaker. As a work-around, you must manually change the file name to give it the correct .xls file extension before you attempt to open it.

  5. When Importing, locate the file in your shared folder and select it, then click Open.

  6. Proceed with the file importing by following the on screen instructions. For more help on importing, click here.

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