Order procurement automation

aACE features automatic purchasing to help you manage the procurement process. When orders are place for items you don't carry in inventory, aACE can automatically generate purchase orders and ready them for processing. Your company's policy will dictate how to proceed with auto-generated purchase orders. Check with your system administrator for details.

To find the settings, follow the navigation below.

NOTE: Only system administrators will have access to this section.

If your workflows require additional preference options, contact aACE Support to speak with someone about adding customized preferences.

  1. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences.
  2. In the sidebar, select Order Management.
  3. Locate the preferences highlighted in the following screen Checking the box next to the notice description activates the automation.  A description of each preference is defined below.


Auto-generate purchase orders

When this preference is active, aACE automatically generates a purchase order for items (non-inventory items) needed to fill an order. 

Note: Category must be classified as a Purchase or Item type. For more information on category types, click here.

Ship purchase orders to client

This preference works in conjunction with Auto-generate purchase orders. When activated, it tells aACE to insert the customer's shipping address into the purchase order, instead of using your company's Ship To address.

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