Applying payments from the Purchase Orders module

You can easily apply a payment to a vendor while in the Purchase Order module. Follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to the purchase order you wish to work with.
    2. Click the + button next to the Payment Due total located in the bottom right of the screen.

Picture 4.png

    1. When the payment dialog box appears, enter the payment information, and then click Apply Payment.

Picture 5.png

Once you click Apply Payment, the system automatically creates a related purchase record, applies the payment and closes the records.

Applying credit card payments to purchases orders

You can also use the payment dialog to apply credit card payments to purchase orders in the event a corporate credit card is used. In order to do that, a credit card will need to be set up as a GL account.

1. Navigate to GL accounts (Accounting > GL Accounts)

2. Create new. Enter the appropriate header account.

3. Select "Bank". This will prompt you to save the record to the layout can change.


4. Select "Credit Card".



The credit card will now be available in the credit card drop-down menu in the payment dialog.

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