How do I use the Pay Bills screen?

The Pay Bills screen gives you the ability to view and pay multiple bills in one easy-to-use interface.

To open the Pay Bills screen, navigate from the home menu to Accts Payable > Disbursements.

From the Action Menu, select Pay Bills.  The following screen appears.



By default, all purchase records awaiting payment appear in the top list.

    1. Use the quick search bar at the top of the screen to filter the list as needed.
    2. Select the bills you wish to pay. Simply click on them in the top list and they move to the lower list. HINT: Use the ADD ALL button to move all items at once. To remove all items, click the Remove All button at the bottom left of the Pay Bills list.
    3. Now enter the Payment amount you wish to apply to each bill. You may also enter payment adjustments such as manual discounts.
    4. In the General Info section, enter the Disbursement Date and select the Bank Account.
    5. When ready, click the Pay button.
    6. A dialog box appears asking if you wish to post the payments. Click Post to save and post the disbursements. (Note: Clicking Cancel saves the items but does not post them, so you can return later for final processing.)
    7. The system prepares to print checks and a dialog box appears asking for the first check number to be printed. This will be the first check in the stack that you load into your printer. Type the number in the dialog box, then load the checks into the printer.


  1. When ready, click Print
  2. Step through the print dialogs as they are presented for final printing. Once the checks are printed, the system sets the Check Status to Printed and marks the check number to each disbursement item.
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