Managing shipping and receiving

Shipping, Receiving & Inventory

Shipment logs can be entered to record the movement of items in and out of your facility, even if the goods are not categorized as inventory items. However, when inventory integration is turned on, shipments linked to purchases and orders will affect inventory balances. Therefore, it is important to set up and follow a "best practices" policy for shipping and receiving. As a general rule, it is always advisable to manage your shipments according to reality. By logging shipments accurately, inventory levels within aACE will be maintained and audits can be conducted more efficiently.

To learn more about inventory integration, see Inventory Setup.

Shipment Types

There are four types of shipments, two related to purchasing and two related to orders.

Shipments related to purchasing:

Incoming - logs items coming in from your vendors

Incoming Return - logs items being returned to your vendors

Shipments related to orders:

Outgoing -  logs items going out to your customers

Outgoing Return - logs item being returned from your customers

Shipping Automation

aACE can automatically generate shipping logs when certain events occur. To learn more about shipping automation, click here

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