Shipping automation settings

System Preferences for Automatic Shipping

To work with the preference settings for shipping, navigate to the aACE Preferences screen.

NOTE: Only system administrators will have access to this section.

  1. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences.
  2. In the sidebar, select Order Management.
  3. Locate the Sales Orders section found at the top of screen. A description of each preference is defined below.

There are three system preferences that can automate some of the data entry and workflows related to shipping.


1. Auto-generate shipments for inventoried items

When activated, aACE will automatically create shipments for inventoried items when an order is opened. This feature is only applicable in systems where inventory is enabled.

2. Enable back order management.

When activated, aACE will track partial shipments in a back order fashion. For example, if an order is placed for 10 items and only 5 are shipped, users will be asked to mark the applicable items as back ordered. When an incoming shipment with back ordered items is received, an outgoing shipment will automatically be generated for those back ordered items, in the quantities available.

3. Delivery Type

This setting affects the Delivery Type field in Orders. During order entry, the field will auto-fill with the value selected in this preference setting. To use integrated shipping, select Ship Together or Ship Separately.

In order to access the integrated shipping features in aACE, the category must be enabled for shipping and the order must carry the proper delivery type.

Set the Category Flag

To enable shipping for a category, the Enable Shipping flag must be selected at the category level. The example below shows this setting.


Reminder: Select the proper delivery type when placing the order

During order placement, the user must select either Ship Together or Ship Separately in the Delivery Type field.

Note: Once an order has been invoiced the Delivery Type field cannot be changed.

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