What should I do if I ship the wrong item?

In the event the wrong item is packaged and shipped to a customer it is best to adjust the order and the shipping log(s) to reflect reality. Doing so will keep inventory accurate, as well as maintain a history of events.

There are several steps and things to consider when making adjustments in this area, so we've provided the following guidelines and helpful hints. Please note that this may change depending on workflows, system policies, and customization.


  1. If the original shipping log does not reflect what was actually shipped (i.e. it includes the correct items instead of the incorrect items) void it and enter a note in the log history to explain the error.

    Why? Voiding the original shipment returns the items to inventory, if applicable. (You will make a correcting shipment later). Noting the error makes audit tracking much easier.

    How? For instructions on voiding a shipment, click here.
  2. Adjust the order by entering a line item for the item(s) packaged in error. Use 0.00 for the unit price and note the reason for the entry in the order log and on the line item note.

    Why? It is important that the order reflect reality. Although the customer did not order these items they were shipped nonetheless, and that shipment is related to this order. Be sure to enter 0.00 for the selling price; remember, the customer paid nothing for the item(s).

  3. Create a new shipment that includes the items that were actually shipped to the customer.

    Why? This entry will reflect reality for inventory purposes. If the wrong item was shipped it needs to be accounted for in inventory balances. Be sure to use the real shipping date to keep your record history accurate.

    How? For help entering a shipment record, click here.

  4. If the item(s) shipped in error will be returned, enter a return shipment and leave it pending until you receive the items. Note that if the item(s) will not be returned this step is not required; inventory levels will be correct.

    Why? This entry will track the return of the item(s) shipped in error. Once the return shipment is received, inventory will be adjusted accordingly.

    How? To learn about entering return shipments, click here


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