How do I edit an invoice that has already been opened?

Because the open invoice has already impacted the accounting system, changes and adjustments must be carefully tracked.  

If you wish to void the invoice entirely, follow the Void Invoice process.

If you wish to make minor adjustments, such as include a discount or change a quantity,  use the Credit / Adjust Invoice process described below.

  1. Navigate to the invoice record you wish to adjust.
  2. From the Actions menu, click Credit/Adjust Invoice
    The system will create a new record and title it "Credit/Adjust Inv #xxx" and automatically fill in the information from the parent invoice, including offsetting line items.  This gives you the ability to quickly eliminate the line items you do not want to include in the adjustment.  
    HINT:  Use the X at the end of the record rows to dismiss unwanted line items.  
  3. Once you have the adjustments entered, Save and Open the Credit / Adjustment Invoice.


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