How do I apply a customer credit to an invoice?

When customers/clients overpay, you must process the overpayments to reflect the real life situation. Additionally, there may be credit/adjustments applied from order changes or cancellations.

In either case, the credit balance can be applied to other outstanding balances.

In this example, we have a customer with an open invoice totaling 500.00. Previously, this customer overpaid an invoice by 370.25 and you just received a check he sent in for 129.75.

To apply a customer credit:

  1. Create a receipt for the incoming payment. When the company record is selected, the open invoice and the overpayment will appear. See sample below.

  2. Enter the check amount in the General Info tab, then apply the balances from the open invoices. Notice the Out of Balance equals zero. (The check for 129.75 plus the overpayment of 370.25 from invoice 40016 offsets the open balance of 500.00 from invoice 40017.)
  3. When ready, click Save to complete the transaction.

Note: This same process can be used when a customer has a credit balance that will entirely cover another invoice. If in the above example the second invoice was for 370.25 instead of 500.00. The receipt would total 0.00 and the 370.25 credit would cover the entire 370.25 balance. No payment was received by the customer, but the credit payment is accounted for in aACE and the invoice is closed.

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