How do I issue a customer credit?

There will be times when you need to issue a credit against an order because of a product or quantity adjustment, a price adjustment, or because the order has been cancelled all together. Refer to the topic on managing orders for tips on best practices.

The best approach to issuing the credit adjustment is to start from the order to which it applies. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the order to which the credit/adjustment will be applied.
  2. Go to the Management screen.
  3. Under the Management Tasks tab, click the View Related Invoices link.
  4. If more than one invoice is listed, select the invoice to which the credit should be applied.
  5. Once in detail view, click Actions > Credit/Adjust Invoice. aACE creates an Credit/Adjustment invoice and automatically credits the original line items in total (based on the original invoice).
  6. If necessary, edit the line items to reflect the appropriate credit entry.
  7. When ready, click SAVE. The invoice will save in Pending state.
  8. Review the entry to double check for accuracy, then open the Credit/Adjustment Invoice: Actions > Open Invoice.
  9. When the confirmation dialog appears, click OPEN to complete the action.

    The open invoice will reflect the amount of the customer credit. This credit can now be used against other open invoices (as payment) or it can be refunded to the customer.
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