Invoicing automation settings

System Preferences for Invoicing

aACE gives you preference settings that cause aACE to generate invoices automatically when certain events occur. Checking the box next to the preference activates the automation. To find the settings, follow the navigation below.

NOTE: Only system administrators will have access to this section.

If your workflows require additional automation options, contact your aACE partner to speak with someone about adding customized preferences.

  1. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences.
  2. In the sidebar, select Order Management.
  3. Locate the preferences highlighted in the following screen A description of each preference is defined below.


Auto-generate invoice on order open

aACE will create an invoice automatically when the order status changes from pending to open.

Auto-generate invoices on shipment

aACE will create an invoice automatically when the shipment linked to that order changes in status from pending to shipped.

Leave auto-generated invoices pending until payment received

This option will leave the auto-generated invoice in pending state until the payment for the invoice is logged.

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