Setting up categories for inventory replenishment

You can set up your inventoried items in such a way that aACE will automatically generate purchase orders when counts are getting low. To do so, simply set the Target and Replenish values for the item. 


Let's say any time our widget inventory drops to 20 or less, we want the system to automatically order more inventory and replenish up to 100 total items. To accomplish this, we must set the Target and Replenish values in our category record.

In the widget category screen below, notice that our Target is set to 100 and the Replenish Bal number is set to 20. This tells aACE the maximum number we want on the shelf at any time is 100. When inventory levels hit 20 or less, a purchase order will generate automatically.

Category before Inv.png

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this feature to work, the automation timer needs to be activated. Click here for details or check with your system administrator.

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