Inventory management screens

aACE provides three inventory screens to help you manage and track inventory usage: Inventory Transactions, Inventory Lots and Inventory Usage.

The examples shown below reflect the usage of widgets.

Inventory Transactions

By searching in the Quick Search bar at the bottom of the screen, we've pulled up all transactions for widgets. Each entry is an individual transaction that affects the inventory count and value, such as purchase orders, shipments, orders, and invoices. Notice in the summary at the bottom that the actual balance for widgets is 15 units and the estimated balance is 0. These values will appear in the related category and in order entry so users can easily see inventory levels for individual products.



Inventory Lots

Inventory Lots track the allocation of each transaction against a given inventory lot. Here we have a list of two lots. Lot 40000 is still open with a value of $900. Lot 40001 is closed with a zero value. To view the allocations against the lot, click the > button next to Lot # 40001.


 Detail of Lot 40001: Here you can view the full details of the inventory lot. 



Inventory Usage

Inventory Usage displays a list of each individual transaction for a given inventory item. Here we are displaying two widget sales. Clicking the > button next to the usage number will display the inventory transaction details.


 Inventory Transaction Details


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