Example of inventory flow

aACE tracks and displays inventory counts and values in real time. You will see values and counts change in the various screen displays as stock is ordered, shipped, received, etc. Below is an example of an inventory flow with screen shots from Categories and Inventory Lots. In our example, aACE is tracking inventory using the LIFO method. 


1.  Category screen before purchasing inventory. 

In the example below no inventory exists for for this item. Notice that the Target field is set to 100 and the Replenish Balance equals 20. This means any time the inventory quantity drops to 20 or less, aACE will automatically generate a purchase order or made-to-stock order to replenish the item up to the target of 100.Category_before_Inv.png


2.  Category screen after purchasing inventory. 

This example shows a purchase of 100 widgets has been placed and executed. The items are now available for order.  02_Category_after_order_PO.png

3.  Widget Inventory Lot after receipt and payment of inventory. 

The purchase order for the widgets generated an inventory lot record, shown below. This screen shows the number ordered and purchased, and the current inventory quantity and value. Another scenario may be that the purchase order was placed, but was executed with two different purchases on two different dates at two different costs; this would affect the value of the lot. In this instance, no sales orders have been placed against this lot as of yet.Inventory_after_purchase_and_receipt.png 


4. Category screen after a sales order is placed:

This screen shows there is a demand for 50 widgets and there are 50 still available.


5.  Orders against Widget Inventory:  

The screen below shows the original sales order for 50 widgets and a new sales order for 35. There is now a total of 85 widgets sold (Qty), but they have not yet been shipped (Rem Qty).Inventory_Demand.png


6. Category screen after Replenishing PO:  

This screen shows there are 100 widgets in physical inventory, 85 on demand (from the above 2 orders which haven't shipped), 15 available for sale, and 85 on order. The total estimated available equals 100 (15 available plus 85 on order).


7.  Widget Inventory lot allocation:  

This screen shows the inventory allocations have been placed against our last purchase of 85 units. Remember, our inventory is set to LIFO allocation.


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