Inventory setup

To set up inventory tracking, you must activate inventory integration, select your method for tracking inventory, and select default inventory GL Accounts. Refer to the instructions below for addressing these settings.

Activate inventory integration

  1. Navigate to the aACE Preferences screen. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences > Order Management.
  2. Under the Sales Orders section, check the box next to Enable inventory integration.Inventory_Integration_Flag.png

Select the inventory management method

  1. While in aACE Preferences, go to the Accounting screen.
  2. Under the Inventory section, select FIFO (first in / first out) or LIFO (last in / first out).Lifo_Fifo.png

Select default GL accounts

  1. While in aACE preferences, go to the Accounting Setup screen.
  2. Under Accrued Liabilities section, select a default account for Accrued Inventory
  3. Under Category Defaults section, select an account for Default Inventory Account.GL_Defaults_for_Inventory_Tracking.png

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