Setting up inventory bins

To track inventory, each office record must have one or more "inventory bins". The bins represent the physical location of storage.

To set up the inventory bins, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the office record you wish to work with. From the main menu: Internal > Offices
  2. While in detail view, click the Inventory Bin tab.
  3. Enter Edit mode.
  4. Add the bin code and bin name. When finished, click Save.

Optional bin designations


This setting designates a default bin used for receiving returning inventory.  As returns come in, they are allocated to this bin until someone can determine if the items can be put back on the shelf or if they must be allocated to waste. Adjustments are made through the inventory adjustment screen.

NOTE: This is optional. If not used, returning inventory will automatically be reallocated to it's category-specific default bin.


This designates a bin as one that holds items "in transit" to another physical location. For example, if you have inventory that is moving from one warehouse to another, it will be unavailable to either warehouse while in transit. The transit bin is really the truck in motion. Setting up this type of bin is optional.

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