Processing vendor invoices from the Purchase Orders module

To process a vendor's invoice from the Purchase Orders module, follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Orders module. From the main menu: Accts Payable > Purchase Orders.
  2. Search for the PO you wish to work with and go to the Management Detail screen.
  3. Click the link to Create Related Purchase.

  4. When the new Purchase record appears, fill in the details of the vendor's invoice.

  5. Next, fill in the amounts for Shipping, Tax and if appropriate, check the Use Tax flag. When ready, click Save.

  6. While saving, aACE checks the Purchase balance against the amount expected from the PO record. When the confirmation dialog appears, it informs of any discrepancy found. You can then take the appropriate action to save and open the Purchase or save and leave it pending.


    If you need to investigate a discrepancy, Click Not Yet to leave the record pending.  In our example, the discrepancy is from shipping charges, so we accept the discrepancy and open the purchase. The Purchase can now be processed for payment to the vendor.  
  7. As a final step, you can upload a copy of the vendor's invoice using the Document Manager. Click the Paperclip.png icon next to the Invoice Date field to open the upload dialog. See Uploading Documents for step by step instructions.

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