Managing Purchases

Purchases vs Purchase Orders

Purchases are the records that impact the accounting system, whereas Purchase Orders only reflect anticipated purchases but do not impact accounting. Once a Purchase Order is filled and a related Purchase record is logged, the expense is realized in the accounting modules.

The discussions below review the screens and tools available for working with Purchase records. For information about managing Purchase Orders, click here.

Purchases in List View

The example below displays a list of purchases made to Widgets & More from December 1st through December 25th. Each record has its own tracking status and record status indicator. The color codes are:

Green - open record

White - closed record

Yellow - pending record

Red - overdue payment


The action drop-down at the end of each record gives you additional tools for managing the records in your found list. The action you take affects only the record on that row. Using the Actions menu at the top of the screen affects all records in your found set.

Action drop-down for each record



Purchases in Detail View

The Purchase Detail screen gives you access to all the information you need relating to the Purchase record, including Vendor information, the related POs, related Jobs (if any), and portals to related disbursements, adjustments and refunds.


Use Tax Flag

There is a Use Tax flag on the interface. Checking the flag tells aACE to include this purchase in the Use Tax calculation.


Related Disbursements, Adjustments and Refunds

The lower left section of the Purchase Detail screen contains portals to related Disbursements, Adjustments and Refunds. Each portal has a  Green Plus Button.png button to allow users to quickly add records without leaving the Purchase Detail interface.  The Green_Go_button.png buttons allow users to quickly navigate to the details of selected records.

Disbursements related to the Purchase record.

Disbursements are funds paid to your vendor. For more information about paying vendors, click here.


Adjustments related to the Purchase record.

Adjustments are Purchase records that are offsetting to a related Purchase. In this example, a credit adjustment (Purchase #40021) was made against Purchase #40018 in the amount of $7,723.50. For more information about adjustment records, click here.


Refunds related to the Purchase record.

Refunds are payments made to your company from your vendors. In most cases, it is a return of an overpayment or a return of funds due to returned or damaged merchandise. For more information on refunds, click here.


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