Credit Card Processing for Purchase Orders

You can give your users the ability to log credit card purchases in aACE at the time they enter their purchase orders. 

Benefits to this feature:

  • You can assign the responsibility for logging credit card charges to the users as they enter their POs.
  • All of the accounting is done in real time. Financial managers can see the liabilities as they accrue, so they don't have to wait till end of month.
  • The bank reconciliation module can use used for reconciling the credit card statements. Learn about bank reconciliation here.

Entering Credit Card Payments

  1. Create purchase orders in normal fashion. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

  2. Once the purchase order is open, click the Green Plus Button.png button in the Total section to open the payment screen.

  3. Enter the amount of the payment, then select Credit Card for the method and select the card type. Add notes if you wish.
  4. Click Apply Payment.


Automatic process behind scene:

Once the payment is logged, aACE automatically creates a Purchase record and a disbursement record. This keeps the accrued liabilities up to date so financial managers don't have to wait until the end of the month to see charging activity. Additionally,  All accounting activity is transparent to the user.

The screens below are the records automatically generated from the payment entry.


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