Purchasing Automation Settings

System Preferences for Purchasing

To work with the preference settings for purchase orders, navigate to the aACE Preferences screen.

NOTE: Only system administrators will have access to this section.

  1. From the main menu: System Admin > aACE Preferences.
  2. In the sidebar, select Order Management.
  3. Locate the Purchase Orders section found in the middle of the screen. A description of each preference is defined below.


Refine company selection to vendor records

This flag restricts the searchable company records in the Company Selector to those marked as vendors.


 Auto-generate Purchase Orders

This flag causes the system to automatically generate purchase orders for items (non-inventory) that you must purchase to fill orders.

Ship purchase order to client

This flag causes the system to auto-fill a purchase order's  Ship To address with the shipping address from the client record.

Trigger purchase order approval for POs over ___$___.

This flag causes aACE to generate an approval notice to management for purchase orders over the stated amount. The purchasing workflow halts until the approval is given.


Validations are the checks and balances that you can activate to ensure that the actual purchasing and receiving matches up against related purchase orders. The validation checks include:

    • Purchase amount must match the PO.
    • Received quantities much match the PO.
    • Do not purchase more than received.
    • Do not receive more than purchased.
    • PO Balance must be zero (before it can close).

Delivery Type

This setting affects the Delivery Type field in POs. During record entry, the field will auto-fill with the value selected in this preference setting. This causes shipment logs to auto-generate when Shipping Integration is active. To use integrated shipping, select Ship Together or Ship Separately.

In order to access the integrated shipping features in aACE, the category must be enabled for shipping and the PO must carry the proper delivery type.

Category Screen showing the Enable Shipping Flag

Enable Shipping Flag.png

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